Fehmarn Belt Exposure Site


Fehmarn_betonblokke i Rødbyhavn  Fehmarn_Block H and I


Femern A/S, the Owner of the coming Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, through an open tender process selected the Concrete Centre at Danish Technological Institute as its external concrete laboratory.

The contract involved the design, production and testing of a range of concrete types of interest to Femern including some concrete blocks with instrumentation for monitoring of the initaiation and progress of corrosion, establishing an exposure site in Rødbyhavn harbour for long-term testing of concrete, monitoring of the concrete at the exposure site.

An extensive testing program of the selected fifteen concrete types including three SCCs was initiated comprising documentation of:

  • Workability, density, and air content
  • Initial setting time and bleeding
  • Strength development (compressive and split tensile)
  • Frost resistance and air void structure
  • Chloride ingress resistance
  • Microstructure (petrographic analysis).


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Initial concrete testing

Test results after 6 months of exposure

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