Fresh properties - Consistence

The measured slump (EN 12350-2) of the twelve conventional concrete types is shown below. As can be seen it was not possible to stay within the target range of 160 ± 20 mm. However of the individual batches (Large block 1, Large block 2, Small block, Cylinders + cubes) 35 out 48 measurements were within the target range, and 46 of 48 measurements were within 120-180 mm. The outliers being one measurement at 110 mm and one at 190 mm.

The combined homogenized mixture (large block 1+2) showed slightly greater variation in slump. Still 8 out of 12 concretes were cast with a slump within the target range, and no concretes were cast with slumps less than 100 mm (L: Slaggecement uden luft) or higher than 200 mm (A: Ren Portland).